New Years Eve 2013

A few photos from an evening of fine dining with great friends. View the Photo Gallery  - download ZIP of Photos

History of the Internet

History of the Internet from Melih Bilgil on Vimeo.

It's not Knowledge it is Awareness that really counts

UPDATE:  Well I hope you all watched this while it was up and available.  "Sorry, "THIS IS WATER - By David Foster Wallace" was deleted at 10:10:11 Wed May 22, 2013. Vimeo has removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by The David Foster Wallace Literary Trust claiming that this material is infringing: THIS IS WATER - By David Foster Wallace. -  the video was removed from Vimeo . . ."   Bummer.  This is a great video to add value to your day.  It is worth watching, and watching again to remind ourselves how our approach to regular activities can affect and effect those around us.  Get a fresh perspective today! THIS ... [More]

Social Venture Partners–Fast Pitch Seattle 2013

Get on board, get in the game . . . make our dream a reality.  Get ready for Fast Pitch Seattle 2013! SVP Fast Pitch Seattle from Karen Ducey on Vimeo. Applications are now open for the Social Innovation Fast Pitch Seattle 2013. Presented by the Social Venture Partners. ©

Wow - Insane Kayaking

 Very cool video.